Retail Profit Management

Blish-Mize has the profit management and marketing tools to help retailers overtake competitors and maximize their profits in today’s big box retail environment. Our solutions address key elements of retail growth and profitability, including consumer/market growth, product and assortment planning, pricing strategy, store design and presentation, advertising, computer technology for sales, and customer service.

Strategic Mapping

Our experienced team understands the importance of using accurate information for each individual market to help businesses make smarter decisions. Our Strategic Mapping tool is invaluable for retailers who want to know more about their trade area and their customers. Our mapping tool can also assist with:

  • Store planning & expansion
  • Category growth
  • Census demographic overview & trends

Product & Assortment Planning

Our RMS assortment planning tool gives businesses the right mix of merchandise for each particular market. We address the retail need for improved merchandise and provide the right items, brands, space, facings, and focus to ensure that your products are addressing the particular needs of your market for maximized profitability.

Pricing Strategy

Don’t let your business suffer from a "same price for all" pricing approach. Establishing competitive and profitable retails for your store takes a thoroughly researched market-based approach. The "Retail Right" RPS pricing system through Blish-Mize helps businesses gain market share and become more profitable by utilizing national, regional, and local research. RPS provides retail customers the flexibility to adjust prices to match their competitive situation and desired price within their market. By identifying all products by their level of price sensitivity, as well as competitive price gaps between big box stores and independents, RPS provides a systematic method to improve retail pricing.

Store Design & Presentation

By planning and maximizing retail sales areas, you can increase market shares and optimize your store’s efficiency and security. Our store design specialist will help enhance your store’s image and provide a pleasant shopping atmosphere for consumers using a customized store decor package, which includes informational and directional components.

Traffic-Building Advertising

Our advertising program features regionally-specific product selection and competitively-priced items geared toward bringing more customers into your store. We offer the following circular advertising options:

  • Four-color photography
  • Eight-page tabloid
  • 24-page coupon book
  • Paint inserts
  • Full-page newspaper ads
  • Monthly X-press Ads
  • In-Store Sign program

Our Customized Circular Advertising Programs are the best in the industry. You can build your own or start from our base. Trim kits help make your sales event more successful, featuring:

  • Banners
  • Service & theme pennants
  • Feature item cards & price cards
  • Unbeatable deal kits
  • Rain checks

Businesses can also select from a range of additional items to help grow promotional sales, including postcards, calendars, special display kits, and tips on how to stay connected to customers using Facebook and Twitter. We also offer a New Resident Program and Television Advertising Program, so whatever route you want to go, we’ve got you covered.

For more information about our retail profit management programs, contact the Blish-Mize Advertising Department at (800) 995-0525, Ext. 132.

Flexible Ordering Capabilities

Our team will help you find the Point of Sales System that‘s right for your store. We work with several POS companies, which makes it easier to choose the right system to help run your business.

Placing an order with Blish-Mize is easy using one one of the following electronic methods:

  • Computer to Computer (EDI or FTP)
  • Remote Order Entry – via handheld ordering devices or mobile app
  • Online here on our website
  • Phone App

Customer Service & Employee Training

We are proud to partner with the North American Hardware and Paint Association (NHPA) to provide the services and information retailers need to become better and more profitable merchants. The NHPA offers the best training and business tools available in the hardware industry to help retailers develop techniques that will enable them to operate successful and competitive businesses.

Online training programs can be accessed through your computer for your immediate use and are available to Blish-Mize customers through the NHPA website. NHPA offers the Building Material Product Knowledge (BMPK) program for hardware, home center and lumber/building material employees. The BMPK program is a self-study course that provides a working knowledge of building material products.

NHPA also offers the Advanced Course in Hardware Retailing (ACHR) program. This is a self-study course in hardware and product knowledge. It prepares the sales associate to provide knowledgeable service that brings customers back again and again. For more information on these programs and other services that the NRHA offers, call the Blish-Mize Sales Department or NHPA at 800-772-4424, or visit the NHPA website at Training programs offered by the NHPA are available to our customers at a discounted rate and orders can be billed through Blish-Mize.