Distribution Center

Our over 500,000 square foot distribution center in Atchison, KS is a modern and efficient state-of-the-art facility. We operate in a paperless environment, using radio frequency (RF) technology, which allows our warehouse team to deliver complete and accurate fill rates on all orders. Being centrally located within the United States helps guarantee a timely delivery and departure schedule for all orders.

Our high-tech efficiency and product offering of over 50,000 products makes us stand out from the competition. We add a personal touch to every aspect of our company, right down to using our own company equipment servicing across 13 states. This process allows us to deliver to our customers quickly and efficiently.

The Blish-Mize Distribution Guarantee

  • Quick turnaround between ordering and delivery
  • Accurate and efficient order processing from state-of-the-art distribution centers
  • Industry-leading fill rates
  • Able to handle all shipments, large or small

When ordering from Blish-Mize, you can expect on-time and accurate deliveries to your store –it’s as simple as that.

Picking Cart