Hardware House

The Blish-Mize Hardware House Products private label brand offers customers thousands of high-quality and unique products, representing most of the major product line categories. We offer all products in professionally-designed assortments, but they are also available for individual purchase. Each item we offer must first meet, or exceed, the quality of the leading brands. Independent testing is conducted to ensure our products perform as promised, and every item is covered by our manufacturer’s warranty.

Why Hardware House?

What is the advantage of Hardware House Products? Quality products, competitive pricing, and profitable retail margins, to name a few. Hardware House has 8 key product categories, including lighting, ceiling fans, faucets, bath hardware, vanities and vanity tops, cabinet hardware, and locksets. Need more convincing that Hardware House Products is the right choice for your business?

  • Over 1,400 products
  • Highest-quality standards
  • Able to achieve 40% retail margin on most products
  • Retails at or below the Big Boxes
  • Professionally-produced assortments
  • One-Source for Globally-Sourced Products
  • High fill rates

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